Surprising Facts About Female Masturbation

When hearing the term “masturbation,” we oftentimes think of a male doer, and even despite feminist movements and their equality propaganda, some people still get uncomfortable discussing sex and masturbation when the subject is a woman.  

According to a somatic psychologist and a certified sex therapist, “masturbation is taught to us in a way we view it as normal to boys, but not to girls.” This is very problematic because similar to human males, females also have sexual urges, fantasies, and need for physical pleasure. Luckily, unlike before, different industries are now becoming more open and inclusive to women when it comes to products and services such as adult kits and toys for females.  

And since it is a taboo to talk about female masturbation, we will break it by sharing with you today some of the surprising facts about female masturbation.  

1. Masturbation improves your mental health 

Yes, girls, you read it right. Regular masturbation releases hormones including dopamine and oxytocin, which give you a good feeling and pleasure. This is why sex or masturbation is a good stress reliever whenever you are feeling burnt out and you want to some healthy distraction from stressful thoughts. Masturbation is similar to having mindful meditation that improves your focus on the present moments rather than future events.  

2.20 percent of women have never done masturbation in their entire life 

There was a research conducted in 2015 that surveyed women and they found out that 22 percent of women in the study have never done masturbation at all, as admitted by the subjects of the study. 

3. Women aging 20s are more likely to have frequent masturbation 

The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior at Indiana’s University found out that 72 percent of women aging 25 until 29 have done more frequent masturbation compared to women outside this age bracket. Males, in the same group also had the highest rate at 84 percent.  

4. It benefits your overall health 

Similar to having an actual sexual intercourse, masturbation provides health benefits such as lower stress levels that can combat depression, reduced menstrual pain, and more improved sleep. In addition to this, there have been studies going out that prove masturbation can increase white blood cells that help fight viruses, bacteria, and foreign invaders in your body.  

5. It is illegal to masturbate in the public 

Amid the effort to remove masturbation in the taboo list, masturbation in public is still illegal… thankfully. There are federal laws that punish this kind of action and scandal in the public. 

Punishments can vary. There were cases where a woman was charged with a misdemeanor of driving with impaired alertness, while other cases can involve monetary penalty up to $6, 250, or a year in jail.  

Of course, this is something that is fair. Any obscene act can create discomfort to the public and this it needs to have punishments.  

Other facts about women masturbation: 

  • There are multiple ways on how a woman masturbates with several things she can use 
  • Masturbation increases performance in the actual sex 
  • More men still do masturbation compared to women 

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