How to Pick the Most Appropriate Flowers for A Memorial

Flowers are a lovely way of honoring and remembering a life lost, but choosing the proper ones requires thought. Selecting arreglos funebres that can speak to your loved one’s narrative is among the most effective ways to accomplish this. 

Flowers that are associated with remembrance: 

1. Lilies – The simple beauty of the lily flower makes it appropriate for a solemn occasion. White lilies have long been associated with innocence, rebirth, and eternal life. It’s the perfect flower for a memorial service for a youngster. It’s also commonly linked to religious services. 

2. Orchids – Orchids are elegant flowers that represent the phrase “I love you.” Pink orchids represent femininity and grace, while white orchids represent elegance, innocence, and purity. 

3. Carnations – Frequently used in funeral arrangements and sprays, the symbolism of the carnation varies depending on the color. Purity is symbolized by white, love is symbolized by deep red, and adoration is symbolized by a lighter shade of red. Pink carnations were formerly thought to have come from the Virgin Mary’s tears, therefore they may be appropriate for Christian celebrations. 

4. Chrysanthemums – Mums are widely regarded in America as symbols of love and happiness. However, it demonstrates sympathy for Europe. Chrysanthemums are only presented as comfort and grief flowers in many European countries. 

5. Gladioli – Was the departed known for his or her tenacity of character? The greatest solution might be a gladioli arrangement. Integrity, sincerity, and loyalty are symbolized by the tall, bold blossoms. 

6. Roses – Roses with a deep red tint are frequently seen as personal love symbols. Pink can convey gentleness, yellow can convey loyalty, while white can evoke sentiments of youth and reverence. A solitary rose symbolizes everlasting love. 

Tulips are one of the most popular flowers in the world. Tulips, especially when offered in brilliant colors like yellow, can bring hope and encouragement to a bereaved family. Tulips in white symbolize compassion, while red tulips symbolize love. 

Selecting Arrangements 

When it comes to selecting an arrangement, you have a number of possibilities. Standing sprays, bouquets, wreaths, and hearts are commonly delivered at the funeral home. Both the funeral home and the residence can benefit from bouquets, dish gardens, and plants. 

Color, on the other hand, has no bounds. They come in a variety of colors or are monochrome. You can also combine different types of flowers. Use the flowers you believe are appropriate for the occasion. 

Memorial Flower Prices 

A small plant costs as little as $29.95, but a quality floral arrangement costs between $50 and $80. Standing sprays can cost up to $100, while large coffin sprays can cost up to $200. The cost will be determined mostly by the size and complexity of the arrangement. 

Flowers have symbolism and meanings that you can use as a guide, but they should only be used as such. You can tailor your arrangement to the deceased’s favorite colors or flowers, or to the blossoms that bring back the most memories for you.